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You buy a product to serve you and your needs. How often do you think of the product as a mere idea in someone’s mind?

3 years ago, an idea began in the early hours of the morning as Trey answered a call out, a 24-hour service provided by Truck Parts & Service, when he saw a cyclist with an LED light affixed to the seat.  The tiny, but brilliant light sparked an idea in Trey’s mind that would cause many sleepless nights, renderings, and discussions.  His idea…a log light less cumbersome and more visible than others on the market.  A rechargeable, simple application, with a big impact.

Trey Willingham is driven businessman.  He is invested in his company, Truck Parts & Service, where he serves as the General Manager.  The business itself is a manifestation of one of his many dreams.  Trey’s passion for hard work and his vision for growth was established at the early age of 12 when he was sweeping floors in his father’s heavy duty truck parts and repair shop, Davenport and Willingham, Inc. of Newberry, South Carolina.

In addition to his unwavering dedication to his customers, he is a man of perseverance in idea development. This journey began when he finally put his idea on a napkin with a crayon.  This was the kick start to FlexFlare, a flexible flare application that can be used as a safety caution light on anything from log trucks, to construction equipment, to farming machinery, or a golf cart.  Trey has conferred with contacts in various states as well as internationally to make this product efficient in its use and price.

Wilmington Loggers show-crop

The people in the Wilmington, North Carolina Loggers show, left to right are as follows: Crad Jaynes (President & CEO of South Carolina Timber Producers Association), Jack Swanner (executive Director of the North Carolina Association of Professional Loggers), Trey Willingham (Founder and CEO of FlexFlare), Bobby Goodson of All Terrain Logging (featured on Discovery Channel’s hit show,  Swamp Loggers)

As time has progressed, Trey has shared various prototypes with his loyal customers and used their feedback to mold his idea into what it is today.  Today, the FlexFlare is a road flare attached to a heavy duty metal bracket which allows the flare to be hung by a tree spike or magnetic disk with an integrated stud.

Fle Flare Brochure 2

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